22 Apr

Sunday Funday

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon on Jersey Island (UK). The sky is a gorgeous electric blue and I’m watching clouds go by out the window of the studio while we work on what might be the biggest song of my career. That’s a pretty tall order but I’ll tell you more about it later. First…

I’ve been in Jersey for the last 3 weeks hanging out and working with Marc Mitchell in his studio. For anyone who doesn’t know him… Marc is a British musician/producer who is responsible for several of the biggest epic progressive house records of the late 90s and early 2000s. But he’s more than just that. He’s one of the most wonderful and incredibly talented people I’ve ever had the honor of working with. I’ve been inspired by his wisdom, kindness and otherworldly melodies for years now. Additionally, MM and I have a myriad of strange and serendipitous parallels in our personal lives which have been the catalyst for a unique and brotherly bond. This will be my second time coming to Jersey to work with him. The last time was 10 years ago while I was still in Deepsky. It’s such a different dynamic now though, because I’ve come back with 10 more years of vast musical experience and a much broader outlook on life.

Anyway… This 9×5 mile island (30 miles off the coast of France) can only be described as an isolated paradise untainted by the fast pace of life. The entire place looks like a Disney resort. Every area is picturesque and everybody is friendly and warm. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt surrounded by so much love and beauty. I mean Jeebus, Marc even mowed a heart into the garden lawn outside. It’s absolutely sublime.

Before I came to Jersey, I was in Paris, France for a week. I stayed with another incredible friend, Jon Leverrier and his lovely girlfriend Lucy. My first day was a little intimidating to say the least. I don’t speak any French and it was my first time visiting so I was completely and utterly lost… and because I’d heard for so long that the French don’t like Americans (which to some degree is true) I gave myself a complex and found it hard to be myself (which was ridiculous in retrospect). After a week though, I felt very much at home and didn’t want to leave. I got to see all the touristy spots (The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, etc), drank a shit load of beer/wine, smoked waaaaay too much and ate too many baguettes/croissants all week long. It couldn’t have been more perfect. This kind of effortless perfection I’ve been experiencing as of late, it seems, has rapidly become a reoccurring theme in my life. Go figure.

Before Paris I was in Lake Como, Italy for 2 months (which you all know by now if you’ve been following along with this blog). I did, however, take a 3 day weekend with my Mom to Rome, which was absolutely incredible. One, because I haven’t seen or spent any time with my Mom in YEARS (and we had a LOT of catching up to do) and two, because Rome is probably the most amazing city I’ve EVER seen or experienced. The food, the wine, the architecture, the gelato, the women, the art… I could go on forever. I couldn’t get enough of it. I really want to go back and spend more time there, and definitely intend to do that again on this trip.

By the way, I should probably mention that I’d like to move to Europe permanently soon. I feel very much at home here. I love the people, the history, the sheer quality of the food (and its less wasteful smaller portions)… and the opportunity for my music to blossom in a place where my records have traditionally done better anyway. I have a copious amount of friends and family here. Plus, I just want a change of pace. I will always love America. I will always love the amazing friendships, places and opportunities I’ve had there. I just feel like it’s time to change things up and Europe is calling my name. I will always come back to visit the USA and hopefully will be touring with my new music in the foreseeable future.

So yeah, let’s talk about the music.

As some of you know, I’ve been working on this Summer Channel project for years now. I released a few mildly successful singles in 2007, but haven’t put anything out since then. Well… all of that is about to change. Marc and I are about a week away from wrapping up the first single from my forthcoming album called “Where Do We Go From Here?” It’s featuring the beautiful and talented Chrysta Bell, whom I worked with when I was living in Austin. This song can only be described as a gorgeous, massive pop anthem, blending elements that you might hear from artists like Imogen Heap, Daft Punk, Hybrid and David Guetta, with an epic Journey (the rock band) type vibe. Sound promising? Well it is, and I cannot WAIT to show it to the world. It will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

Anyway, back to work now. I’ve got clouds to watch and tunes to finish.

P.S. In one week, I will have been celibate for ONE ENTIRE YEAR. Holy fucking shit. That’s the longest I’ve *ever* gone. I think it’s definitely been worth it though. I’ve been concentrating on things more important than getting laid, and it will all pay off in the end (that’s what *she* said – lol). 😉