04 Nov

Mission Statement

I had a dream one night, back in 2006, that I was in a band called Summer Channel.

It wasn’t the most profound or existentially provocative dream I’d ever had, but I do remember waking up in a blissful haze, going over to my computer and Googling the name ‘Summer Channel’ to see it was something that I’d seen somewhere before.

It wasn’t.

I couldn’t find a single tidbit on the internet about it, and so I decided it could only be one thing… Kismet.

Since 2006 I’ve written a few different songs with different vocalists and musicians under Summer Channel, with the intention of putting out an album called “The Sweet Sound Of Inevitability.” Songs like “A Thousand Miles” with Kathy Fisher (My first endeavor as Summer Channel), “I Am Persuaded” with Rebecca Coseboom of Halou and “Undertow” with Patrick Scott. The unfortunate (and often frustrating) factoid here, though, is that I *still* do not have an album completed. Just a few singles that I not-so-haphazardly wrote while trying to figure out what the hell my new sound was. I even moved to Austin, TX in 2009 after meeting Chrysta Bell (one of the new vocalists I’ve been working with) but as fate would have it, we both got caught up in everyday life (as well as other projects) and haven’t finished anything to date.

Summer Channel has always been the thing I’ve wanted to do the *most* since my departure from Deepsky and I’ve written about 12 or more kick ass ideas, but have never finished any of them. Why WHY WHHHHY NOT?

Well, for one, I’m never satisfied with the level of production. There are several artists and/or producers I hold in (impossibly) high regard. When my music doesn’t sound as good, I’m never satisfied with it. I also have this picturesque idea of what I want this music to sound like. In my head it’s breathtaking. It includes elements I am simply *not* capable of creating on my own (like guitars, choir, orchestra, etc). Secondly, I’m always getting stuck on projects that pay the bills, thus never leaving time (or inspiration) for what I want to do the most.

I can make excuses forever. I’ve been making them for the last 5 years.

As of December 1st, 2011, I’m packing up all my stuff into storage and travelling the world for 6 months (or more) to write my album. I’m going to be working with a bunch of people who I think can fill in the gaps on this record. Vocalists, producers, musicians, orchestral arrangers, children’s choirs, and hopefully many more. I intend to take video of the entire trip, compiling it into road diaries along the way, music videos and hopefully a short movie (bonus material for a CD) later on. I have somewhat of a master plan but I know how the universe smiles and gently reminds me not to make *too* many plans – only to have an intention in mind, and let IT do the rest. I’m OK with that.

I think.

The thing is, if I don’t do it now, I may never do it.

So here we go. It is written…