27 Feb

The New Summer Channel Biography

Summer Channel is more than a band. It’s more than a well-spidered collection of genius level musicians with a mad scientist at the helm. More than a sound, more than one night. Summer Channel is an idea; it’s a feeling. Something at once comforting and exotic, it makes the sun shine brighter and the moon […]

23 Feb

How I Think Sports Impair Human Evolution

I know I’m gonna catch a lot of flack for this post. History dictates that people (almost always) lose their capacity to reason when their way of life is challenged in any way, shape or form. It doesn’t even really matter why. For example, if you were a doctor explaining to an overweight patient that […]

20 Nov

A Lot Has Happened…

Damn it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog. Let’s see, my last entry was immediately after I got *unfairly* deported from Jersey Island (UK, not US) during my crazy European adventure earlier this year, which by the way, caused a media shit storm for the customs office over there. I ended up on BBC […]

06 Jul

Escape From Sicily

Sicily. The Motherland (at least for the Italian side of my family). For those of you who aren’t up to speed on European geography, Sicily is an island in the Mediterranean as far south on the Italian “boot” as you can go. It is, quite literally (and figuratively speaking), it’s OWN country. My grandparents immigrated […]

30 Apr

How I Managed To Get Kicked Out Of Jersey UK

I’m sitting in the ferry terminal in St. Malo, France with a few hours to kill before my train leaves for Paris/Barcelona. I figured I’d take the time to explain to everyone how I got kicked out of Jersey (UK) the other day. I’ll do my best to give you the facts without too much […]

22 Apr

Sunday Funday

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon on Jersey Island (UK). The sky is a gorgeous electric blue and I’m watching clouds go by out the window of the studio while we work on what might be the biggest song of my career. That’s a pretty tall order but I’ll tell you more about it later. First… I’ve been […]

20 Feb


Oh yeah I forgot I have a blog. I suppose I should probably get everyone up to speed? First of all, I’m in Como, Italy. Can I get a woot woot? I’ve been here for about two weeks. I flew into Milan from New York (where I had been for a couple of weeks working […]

04 Jan


Jesus H. Christ, 2012 is finally here. Did you ever think we’d get here? I sure didn’t. It feels weird… well, let me clarify, I have two diametrically opposed feelings about it. 1. 2011 kinda sucked, so 2012 couldn’t get here fast enough. What a rough year. Between my breakup, moving back to the west […]

30 Nov

I’m Goin’ Back To Cali…

I just got back to JB’s house in San Jose after being in Denver for the last 2 weeks. I’m elated to be in a familiar place right now. The last time I was here was about 2 1/2 months ago, before my Sausalito roommate *nightmare*. I was living in the guest room for about […]

17 Nov


I wish I was a better writer. I’m having a *really* hard time finding the appropriate words to describe how I’m feeling. It’s complicated. Here are the facts: Yesterday I put all of my belongings (besides 4 suitcases) into storage after living with a psychotic roommate who made my life a living hell for 2 […]