Latest News

  • Collaborate With The World!

    We are creating a digital “world choir” out of human beings from all over the planet.

    May 14, 2016
  • The Website Is Up!

    Check out the new website!

    May 26, 2015
  • Summer Channel TV Episode 5

    Burning Man & the road trip with John Beaver.

    February 18, 2013
  • Summer Channel TV Episode 4

    Barcelona, Berlin and onward…

    January 23, 2013
  • Summer Channel TV Episode 3

    Paris & Jersey UK (where I was deported).

    November 29, 2012
  • Summer Channel TV Episode 2

    Como & Rome Italy.

    May 6, 2012
  • Summer Channel TV Episode 1

    I hit the road to figure it all out.

    February 23, 2012

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    Summer Channel is more than a band. It’s more than a well-spidered collection of genius level musicians with a mad scientist at the helm. More than a sound, more than one night. Summer Channel is an idea. It’s a feeling. Something at once comforting and exotic, it makes the sun shine brighter and the moon glimmer. It is the soundtrack for life’s pleasures, for painting pictures never colored so clear, dreams desired and defiled.

    Summer Channel is the way up.




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